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Hello, my name is Emma! I am a student based in Alberta, Canada. Photography has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember. I am trying to fulfill my dreams of becoming a surgeon, but that does not mean that I will give up photography. I love the beauty that shines through an image. I love the dreams and reveries that we experience through pictures. I truly do believe that we unlock another dimension of loving, acceptance and understanding when we open our eyes to what is in a picture.​ This is not just a hobby of mine, but an adventure. One that I hope to be able to bring to everyone.


This photo was entered into a local photography contest and won first place! It was taken in the Rocky Mountains out in Kananaskis. The winters are beautiful and hikes are lovely. This particular one was taken just outside of Bragg Creek. Take some time yourselves to explore the mountains if you're here!

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